The Office of the Prime Minister shall have the general responsibility of coordinating government action and monitoring the implementation of Government policies and programs.

Specifically, the Office of the Prime Minister shall be responsible for: 

A. Coordinating the national policies and development programs through:

  1. orientations to Government institutions in order to promote  national  policies and related programs;
  2. coordination of  the planning in Central Government institutions;
  3. analysis and research on the policies and programs implementation with an aim of improving the achievements.

B. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of national policies and programs through:

  1. monitoring and submitting reports to the President of the Republic on the implementation of Government policies and programs in both central and local government institutions;
  2. setting up the tools and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of Government policies;
  3. providing advice to  Ministries and supporting agencies in order to speed up up service delivery;
  4. analysis of the documents produced by  Government and private institutions;
  5. monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the Government institutions.

C. Overseeing the functioning of Government's Institutions through:

  1. orientation on the administrative and legislative processes within government institutions;
  2. proper execution of laws, rules and regulations;
  3. supervision of the functioning of the services of public administration;
  4. supervision of the functioning and management of institutions under the Office of the Prime Minister in order to ensure efficient use of government resources and resolving cross-cutting socio-economic issues.