The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs


The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs was established by the Cabinet decision of 28 January 2008. Its mandate is set out in the Presidential Order No 03/01 of 02/04/2008 determining the functioning of Cabinet, its membership and procedures for decision making as modified and complemented to date. The Ministry is headed by a Minister and operates within the Office of the Prime Minister.  The Ministry is served by the Government Action coordination unit (GACU) with specialist analysts; Cabinet Note Takers, Department of Official Gazette and A Joint deliver Committee (JDC).


The mission of MINICAAF is to ensure that the Cabinet process is run effectively and efficiently and that proper consultations take place before policy decisions are taken. MINICAAF also works to achieve coordination of policy across State institutions in collaboration with the Strategy and Policy Unit in the Office of the President.

Specific functions

On a day-to-day basis, the work of MINICAAF includes the following:

  1. Ensuring that documents meet the required standard for Cabinet;
  2. Advising and supporting line ministries;
  3. Advising the Prime Minister on the Cabinet agenda;
  4. Preparing files for Cabinet;
  5. Producing accurate reports of Cabinet meetings;
  6. Monitoring implementation of Government programs, projects and decisions including Cabinet Decisions;
  7. Storage of Cabinet documents.

Structure of MINICAAF

  1. Office of the Minister: The Minister in charge of Cabinet Affairs is the Head MINICAAF. The Office comprises of an Advisor and an Administrative Assistant.
  2. Government Action Coordination Unit (GACU): This is a technical Unit composed of 10 analysts and their Coordinator. The Unit is basically concerned with preparation of cabinet meetings monitoring implementation and preparation of quarterly & annual reports. It is also responsible for preparation of the National Leadership Retreat, National Dialogue Council meetings and Imihigo planning & Evaluation.
  3. Official Gazette Department: The Department of Official Gazette consists of a Director, two editors and two translators. The Editors and Translators have the rank of Director. The Official Gazette Department receives laws that have been promulgated by H.E. the President of the Republic, dates them, allocates them numbers and decides the Official Gazette for publication of these laws. It receives and publishes Ministerial Orders and other legal documents.
  4. Cabinet note takers: The main tasks of Cabinet note takers include producing accurate reports of Cabinet meetings and to circulate them to the relevant authorities. The Cabinet note takers also support the Minister for Cabinet Affairs and the Prime Minister in developing the agenda for Inter-Ministerial Coordination Committee meetings as well as the agenda for Cabinet meetings.