Statement on Cabinet Decisions of 03/02/2017

04.02.2017 12:01

On Friday, 3rd February 2017, an extraordinary Cabinet Meeting chaired by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Paul KAGAME, convened in Village URUGWIRO.

The Cabinet Meeting started by appreciating the recognition by African Union Heads of State to His Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul KAGAME, based on the reform report presented to them during the 28th  African Union Summit held in Addis Ababa, from 30th to 31st January 2017.

Pursuant to the powers conferred upon Him by the laws, His Excellency the President of the Republic informed the Cabinet Meeting that He granted mercy for youth who were convicted and whom Rwanda Correctional Service helped to continue education and passed primary and secondary school with very high grades.

1.The Cabinet Meeting approved minutes of previous meeting of 9th December 2016.

2.The Cabinet Meeting was briefed on progress in preparations for the 14th  National Leadership Retreat and provided guidance for further improvement.

3.The Cabinet Meeting was briefed on updates on development of affordable housing, the Cabinet Meeting devised strategies to fast track resolution of challenges encountered.

4.The Cabinet Meeting was briefed on Food Security Situation in Rwanda and took measures thereof.

5.The  Cabinet  Meeting  approved  the  Government forest  Co-management agreement between the Government of Rwanda and Unilever Tea Rwanda Ltd.

6.The Cabinet Meeting approved the transfer of the State land in private domain located in Nyaruguru District, Southern Province to Unilever Tea Rwanda for investment in tea expansion.

7.The Cabinet Meeting approved the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) 2015-2020.

8.The Cabinet Meeting approved the Report for the year 2016 on Conventions on the International Labour Organization ratified by Rwanda.

9.The Cabinet Meeting approved the National Human Rights Action Plan of Rwanda (2017-2020).

10. The Cabinet Meeting approved the proposed budget support to Kigali International Arbitration Center (KIAC).

11.The Cabinet Meeting approved the following Draft Laws: 

  • Draft 2016/17 Revised Budget Law;
  • Draft Law establishing the levy on imported goods for the financing of African Union activities;
  • Draft Organic Law repealing the Organic Law nº 07/2012/OL of 19/09/2012 determining the organization, powers and functioning of the High Council of the Judiciary;
  • Draft Organic Law repealing the Organic Law nº 06/2012/OL of 14/09/2012 determining the organization, functioning and jurisdiction of the Commercial Courts;
  • Draft Law establishing the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) and determining its mission, organization and functioning.

12.The Cabinet Meeting approved the following Orders:

  • Presidential Order Ratifying the Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer adopted at Kigali, on 15/10/2016;
  • Prime Minister’s Order determining the functioning of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Steering Committee;
  • Ministerial Order  determining modalities for  the  assignment and  transfer  of  Plant Breeder’s rights;
  • Ministerial Order determining modalities for testing the distinctness, uniformity and stability of plant variety;
  • Ministerial Order determining the format, content of register in which all information related to the plant Breeder’s rights is recorded and the conditions to having access to such information;
  • Ministerial Order determining criteria for recognizing a seed testing laboratory;
  • Ministerial Order determining the procedures for seed inspection and granting of quality certificates;
  • Ministerial Order determining the requirements for a person to be granted a license for importing and exporting seeds;
  • Ministerial Order determining the information that a quality seed label and container have to bear and the criteria for putting seed varieties in categories and the colors of labels for each category;
  • Ministerial Order determining requirements for a person to be authorized to become quality seed producer, conditioner or dealer;
  • Ministerial Order determining the procedures for evaluation, certification and registration of plant varieties, procedures for the withdrawal of certified plants from the list and its format;
  • Ministerial  Order  determining  the  organization  and  functioning  of  the  committee responsible for Evaluation, Certification and Registration of plant varieties;
  • Prime Minister’s Order appointing the following Military Prosecutors: 
  1. Capt. Vincent NDAYISABA
  2. Capt. Christian KAYITARE
  3. Lt. Claudine MUHAWENIMANA 
  • Ministerial Order appointing the following Military Judicial Police Officers: 
  1. 2Lt Triphonie UMUHIRE
  2. 2Lt Donatien NDIKUBWIMANA
  3. 2Lt Aimerance MUKESHIMANA
  4. Sgt REBERO Jean de Dieu
  5. Sgt MURANGIRA Joseph
  6. Cpl KAMANZI Jimmy
  7. Pte NSHIMIYIMANA Aimé Alex
  8. Pte HAKIZIMANA Théoneste 
  • Presidential  Order  granting  a  leave  of  absence  for  non-specific  period  to  Dr. NKURUNZIZA Emmanuel, who was Director General of Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) and Chief Registrar of Land Titles, for him to be able to assume new duties at the helm of Regional Center for Mapping Resources for Development in Nairobi, Kenya;
  • Presidential Order dismissing the following Police Officers from Rwanda National Police (RNP):
  1.    Superintendent of Police (SP): 1
  2.    Chief Inspector of Police (CIP): 4
  3.    Inspector of Police (IP): 23
  4.    Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP): 38
  • Ministerial Order dismissing 132 Non-Commissioned Officers and Police Constables from Rwanda National Police (RNP):
  1.    Non-Commissioned Officers: 65
  2.    Police Constables: 67. 

13.The Cabinet Meeting approved amendment of the Prime Minister's Instructions No 004/03  of  13/11/2015  determining  the  conditions  and  procedures  for  obtaining Government support for affordable housing projects;

14.The   Cabinet   Meeting  approved  the   agrément  of   proposed  Ambassadors/High Commissioners designated to represent their respective countries to Rwanda.

  • Mr. RAO HONGWEI, of China, with residence in Kigali.
  • Mr. RAVI SHANKAR, of India, with residence in Kampala, Uganda.

15.The Cabinet Meeting made the following appointments:


Lt Colonel NYAMVUMBA Andrew: Head of SPU

2. Rwanda Development Board

  1. AKAMANZI Claire: CEO & Cabinet Member
  2. HATEGEKA Emmanuel: COO


  1. GATARE Francis: CEO
  2. Dr MUNYANGABE Emmanuel: COO

4. Rwanda Governance Board

  1. Prof. SHYAKA Anastase: CEO
  2.  Dr. Usta KAYITESI: Deputy CEO
  3.  KALISA Edward: Secretary General


1.Embassy/Zambia, Lusaka

 MUKARULIZA Monique: Ambassador

2.High Commission Ottawa/Canada: MARARA Igor: First Counselor

3.Permanent Mission of Rwanda/UN: KAYINAMURA Robert: First Counselor


  1. MULINDWA Sam: Permanent Secretary
  2. BAGUMA Rose: DG Education Planning


  • MUSONERA Gaspard: Permanent Secretary


  • MBABAZI Rosemary: Permanent Secretary


  • Maj. GATARAYIHA Regis: Permanent Secretary


  • Prof. Manasseh MBONYE: Director General

11.Office of the Auditor General

  • HABIMANA Patrick: Deputy Auditor General


  • MUKESHA Josephine: Director General


  • MUKAMANA Esperance: Director General and Chief Registrar of land titles

14.Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority

  •  NGABONZIZA Prime: Director General

15.Rwanda Management Institute

  1. Dr. RUBAGIZA Jolly: Deputy Director General
  2. ABIMANA Fidele: Principal Senior Training Coordinator
  3. GATARI Eugene: Principal Senior Research and Consultancy Coordinator

16.Northern Corridor Integration Projects

  • SAFARI Innocent: National Coordinator 


  • MUNYABURANGA Cyprien: Cabinet Notes Taker
  • MUNYANDINDA  Emmanuel:  Policy  Analyst  in  charge  of  Government Program Monitoring.
  • AGABA Asaphson: Policy Analyst in charge of Cabinet Preparation.
  • IRAKOZE Prosper: ICT Policy Analyst in charge of Government Program Monitoring.
  • GASHUGI Aimé Claude: Director of ICT Unit.


  • NGENDAHIMANA Pascal: Advisor to the Minister of State in charge of Citizen Development.


  • NIYIGENA Pierre Martin: Advisor to the Minister.


  • UTAMULIZA Marie Chantal: Director of Finance and Administration Unit.
  • HODARI Jacob: Director of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit.


  • GAKWAYA Harriet: Director of Finance and Administration Unit.


  • TOTO  WA  MUGENZA  Emmanuel:  Director  of  Planning,  Monitoring, Evaluation and ICT Unit.

16. In AOB:

a) The Minister of Local Government informed the Cabinet Meeting that MINALOC in collaboration with partners including RALGA, intends to organize a Local Government Leadership Retreat under the theme: “A Citizen-Centered Local Government Rwandans Want”.

b) The  Minister  of  health  informed  the  Cabinet  Meeting  that  MINISANTE  in collaboration with MINALOC and MINAGRI are implementing the distribution of Fortified Blended Food (FBF) to offer a balanced diet to children aged 6-24 months, pregnant and lactating mothers in Ubudehe 1 category across the country and in Ubudehe 2 category in 10 Districts with the highest “stunting” burden.

c) The Minister for Disaster Management and Refugees informed the Cabinet Meeting that on 26th January 2017, accompanied by the Minister of State in charge of Public Health in the Ministry of Health inaugurated two Health Centres in Mahama Refugee Camp.

d) The Minister of Trade, Industry and EAC Affairs briefed the Cabinet Meeting that agreement and sub-lease agreement for establishment of a Garment Factory in KSEZ were signed between the Government and Albert Supply Ltd. Ground breaking for the construction of the factory premises has been done.

e) The Minister of Gender and Family Promotion informed the Cabinet Meeting that Rwanda will join the rest of the World to celebrate the International Women’s Day 2017. At national level, celebrations will take place in Nyabihu District, Shyira Sector, Mpinga Cell, Vunga Village on 8th  March 2017 under the theme: “Preserving the dignity regained”.

This Statement was signed

By Stella Ford MUGABO

The Minister in Charge of Cabinet Affairs


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