“A second of negligence can cost human life” PM Murekezi

04.12.2016 18:09

“Good time management is important. For you working in the health sector, one second of negligence is just enough to endanger human life.”

The satetement was made by the Prime Minister Anastase Murekezi on Sunday 4th December 2016 while closing Itorero Training organised for more than 800 employees from the health sector. This training took place at the Combat Training Centre in Gabiro, Gatsibo District. 

The Prime Minister urged the trainees to change the way they do business to the satisfaction of their clients and embrace the culture of team work, use performance contracts and keep abreast of knowledge. 

The Prime Minister Murekezi commenting on the bad culture of not adequately attending to clients, he said:

Desist from the bad culture of negligence and procrastination, change the mindset of your colleagues so that they behave like you.”

Anastase Murekezi reminded employees from the health sector to treat patients and increase their chances for recovery. He urged them to educate the population on the prevention of diseases. 

The Prime Minister called upon trainees to work together with local authorities in order to sensitise the population to maintain cleanliness and balanced diet. 

He advised them that after various presentations and exercises, they must provide quality service, respect their patients, respect each other and work together and complement each other as a team. 

This Itorero Training was organised for all organs which have healthcare in their responsibilities. Some of these organs include the Ministry of Health, Heads of Health Centers, District Hospitals, Provincial Hospitals, Public Referral Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Federations of Health Associations and Traditional Healers.


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